First Flight

Story: The Cage
Written By: Gene Roddenberry
Series: Star Trek: The Original Series
Year: 1965

The original pilot of the original incarnation of Star Trek is interesting. While it has some really fascinating ideas, good visuals, and sets up many elements that will become oh-so-familiar in Trek, it is a story that ultimately goes on a little too long. The story is too slow at times, and it feels like it.
I can see how this episode looks slightly better when viewed after seeing lots of Trek, but I can really see why the network executives weren’t keen on greenlighting the series after viewing this. It is a solid episode, and Jeffrey Hunter makes a good captain, but the most of the cast seems bland. Only Spock and the Doctor really seem of any interest, and Spock is probably only because of the impact his character will later have on the series as a whole, he doesn’t really do all that much here.

All in all it is a decent story. Not great, but good.

NEXT TIME: The Second Pilot