Story: Balance of Terror
Written By: Paul Schneider
Series: Star Trek: The Original Series
Year: 1966

"Balance of Terror" is the first honest to goodness truly fantastic episode of Star Trek. The episode has a fantastic plot, good characterizations, a wonderfully menacing villain, and dialogue that never gets to clunky. I really enjoy this episode, have so since I was a kid. The way the whole thing unravels is nothing short of successful.
This used to be on the 25th Anniversary Top 10 Episodes tape we had recorded off TV, the station that was airing both the original and the Next Generation showed the special and this Top 10 Marathon. ANYHOW: This episode is one of the original 10 I watched since I was little, so it holds a little place in my heart. Beyond that though, it only gets better as I get older.

It also serves as the introduction to Romulans, who only appear one more time in this series, but go on to play a far bigger role in the Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.

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The Day Charlie Became God

Story: Charlie X
Written By: D.C. Fontana
Series: Star Trek: The Original Series
Year: 1966

"Charlie X" is a good episode. It's the story of a spoiled brat with godlike powers. I would say that this is a classic that put the show closer to the level of quality it began to shell out through this and the next season, before Roddenberry left production.
The kid playing Charlie is just creepy enough to weird you out, and despite the early attempts of this series to make you think that Yeoman Rand is actually one hot number, no one really believes it. I'm glad she leaves the show, because her character is not only useless, but not nearly as attractive as the writing or the characters lead you to believe. Her storyline in this episode leads to one of my all time favorite Trek lines: "There' right way to hit a woman." Classic Kirk.

You'll notice Shatner take his shirt off in this, and a few other stories early on, but then that ends before the season comes to a close...because more paychecks were coming in and he was able to eat.

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