Driven Mad by a Neural Implant

Story: The Chute
Written By: Clayvon C. Harris & Kenneth Biller
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1996

This one is okay I guess, but it has some flaws that were bothering me throughout. Kim and Paris are in a prison, with some kind of neural implant in all the prisoners driving everyone insane. So basically it is a “how do we break out of jail” plot. Kim is devising a way out, while Paris is slowly driven completely mad by the implant. They befriend an inmate who despite agreeing to help them and continually spouting off information about the implant that sound really reasonable…Kim continues to brush him off as nothing but insane. It makes no sense…maybe this is Kim’s reaction to the implant, but it seems like everytime that guy says something that makes sense, Kim gets annoyed and acts like he is saying complete nonsense and gibberish.
Then we have Janeway and co. attempting to free their people. This government is ridiculous and totalitarian, and will not free anyone no matter what. When they find the people who caused the bombing, they also find out where the prison is and how to get in. But Janeway refuses to help these people free any of their men on the inside…I’m really tired of this…it seems like being forced away from the Alpha Quadrant, Janeway and the Voyager should be forced to make compromises. They’ve only really made friends with the Talaxians at this point, and they are about as worthless as Neelix is as a guide. How does she expect to get her ship home if she refuses to help anyone she meets and gets into fights so easily?

In some second season episodes it was a running theme that the ship had garnered a reputation for being violent and cruel and going around picking fights. I think the reputation is warranted, despite Janeway’s brushing it off as some Kazon rumor. Seriously I think they should have been forced to compromise a bit more, and even though members of the Maquis have suggested it in the past, Janeway has always refused to go along with it. I just think that introducing the Maquis in DS9 and TNG specifically for this show that they should have been utilized more…FORCE that bitch to take some of their ideas once in a while. It is ridiculous that she is so stubborn and uncompromising and yet this ship acts like they’d follow her anywhere. I don’t buy it for a second.

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