Q’s Son

Story: Q2
Written By: Robert Doherty
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 2001

Poor John De Lancie makes his final appearance as Q in this awful story that puts an end to the ridiculously bad “Q on Voyager” tales. This one features the son born in “The Q and the Grey,” which was also a TERRIBLE episode. Q should have just ended his story with “All Good Things...” a strong finale for both TNG and Q. But Voyager ruined that by bringing him back.
De Lancie is doing his best, but this script is godawful. Then you have his real life son playing Q Junior...he is not so good. The character is silly and the acting isn’t too good from the younger De Lancie.

So ends Q in Trek. Shame that he goes out this way, he was once a strong trickester kind of character, now he is just annoying. I admit that on TNG there were some bad Q-focused episodes, but at least he went out on a high there. No he ends his time with the franchise on a real annoying low.

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