21st Century Detroit

Story: Carpenter Street
Written By: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2003

The Temporal Cold War is brought back, having been fortunately skipped over since Enterprise first entered the Expanse (although directly involved in getting Enterprise heading that way in the first place). It is unfortunate that Berman and Braga couldn’t just let their shitty storyline die, and kept bringing it back. It drags down every stroy it touches.
This story has Daniels show up to get Archer and T’Pol to time travel back to Detroit around the same time as the episode was made in order to stop some time traveling Xindi plot thing. I don’t really know or care.

The episode is stupid and uninteresting. Voyager often chose between being completely inane and ridiculous...or being just plain boring....Enterprise decided to spend a lot of episodes being both!

I didn’t care for the episodes in the Xindi Arc that took away from the basic plot of trying to find the Xindi and stop them. All they needed to do to change it up was start having actual conflicts with the Xindi, have battles...but I think the production team was misguided in thinking that had to wait until the last few episodes. But then they ran out of good ideas for the Xindi War and Enterprise just tying to find them in this fucked up area of space...and they just made these divergent episodes that had little to no impact on the major story...but make vague mentions of the Xindi or something in order to not feel entirely pointless.

Weaker episode in the season, skip it.

NEXT TIME: Spheres