Story: Civilization
Written By: Phyllis Strong & Mike Sussman
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2001

The NX-01 encounters it's first fully inhabited Earth-like planet. They are super jazzed about meeting new life and new civilizations, but the people are Pre-industrial. This is prior Prime Directive for Starfleet (although there are Vulcan protocols), so Archer wants to send a team down (in disguise) to learn more about this culture up close and personal. The episode is ultimately boring and unforgettable and features some plot about a mysterious disease and mysterious neutron readings. It is a very lame mystery to be quite honest. And the first meeting with an alien culture for Enterprise is fairly underwhelming.
I personally never found that point of interest that made me keep my focus on the episode. Why did Enterprise suck all the energy out of the room? Voyager had lighthearted moments...granted I thought they weren't always successful, but this show feels so devoid of human characteristics, and yet this show is supposed to be even more about humans than previous series. It just feels so lifeless.

I wouldn't recommend this episode, much like Voyager had done before, this series started with a tendency to have underwhelming mediocre (and dull!) episodes.

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