Story: Demons
Written By: Manny Coto
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2005

Enterprise has returned to Earth to witness a conference that could lead to a Coalition of Planets, a precursor to the eventual Federation. But sinister hands are at work...a man named Paxton (played by Robocop himself, Peter Weller, who is quite good here) has set up a group known as Terra Prime, a group of racists who have use the Xindi War to fall on a sort of Earth for Humans Only policy. They have created a baby using the DNA of T’Pol and Tucker, and use this baby as a way to show that aliens and space travel will only lead to the annihilation of the human race.
“Demons” and “Terra Prime” represent the best Enterprise got at closure. This one sets up a lot of elements that would pay off in the next episodes. This group of racist humans has been hinted at since “Home,” and this is their big payoff two-parter.

It also brings in things like early talks that lead to the Federation, and having Reed reconnect with his Section 31 contact for information, so we get something on that storyline. There is also a story with Travis (what the fuck!?) reconnecting with a girl from his past, who could possibly be a member of Terra Prime.

It is a solid set up episode, and it touches on some interesting ideas, and this two-parter feels like we are seeing the final remnants of Earth’s demons of racism and hate.