Fight For Yourself

Story: Marauders
Written By: David Wilcox
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2002

This episode has Arch and Co. meeting a group of helpless humanoids who have to play “A Bug’s Life” to some Klingons who show up and demand all their deuterium. Enterprise decides they want some of that deuterium, and since they are at least gonna give these people something, they will teach them to defend themselves and fight back when the Klingons return.
It is a decent enough idea to make a Star Trek version of the Seven Samurai, but it just falls flat and feels as boring as Enterprise usually does. This show lacks the entertaining characters to make most episodes feel anything more than mediocre. There is none of those great character moments that TOS, TNG, or DS9 had so often achieved (and with gusto too).

Decent premise, boring other words: standard Enterprise.

NEXT TIME: Top-Secret Vulcan Mission