Return of the Andorians

Story: Shadows of P'Jem
Written By: Mike Sussman & Phyllis Strong
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2002

The result of the Andorians learning about the spy station at the P’Jem Sanctuary (in “The Andorian Incident”) lead to the Andorians warning all Vulcans to leave before destroying the place. The Vulcans are clearly pissed (in their Vulcan stoic way) and blame Archer’s involvement. They suspend the joint Vulcan-Human fleet indefinitely, and put in orders to remove T’Pol from Enterprise.
Enterprise is on it’s way to meet some group of Aliens who work with the Vulcans in some mining business. Archer takes T’Pol on the away mission to meet the Chancellor on this planet. Sort of a last chance to hang out sort of mission. Along with the repercussions of the Andorian stuff and some character development this could’ve been a solid episode.

Unfortunately they also shoehorned all this stuff in with a standard shuttle crash hostage situation thing. The planet they go to is in Civil War apparently. Hey you guys used your standard hostage situation plot in the very episode this is a semi-sequel to!

Sure it has Shran, but he isn’t in it nearly enough, and the episode loses something in that.

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