Travis Goes Home

Story: Horizon
Written By: André Bormanis
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2003

Boring and forgettable episode shows Travis, our fully uninteresting and undeveloped helmsmen, returning to the ship he grew up on...the Horizon. He discovers just before he heads there that his father has died, which is unfortunate since he left for Enterprise on bad terms. So he spends his time on his old home reuniting with people and learning about himself along the way.
The episode is an attempt to expand on a character the writers overlooked since day one, Travis Mayweather. Why they overlooked him entirely I have no idea, unless they really wanted to try and capture the way the old show was (with really just Kirk, Spock, and McCoy getting any development), but this series just gave less screen time to the supporting cast, but you had a vague sense of who Sulu, Chekov, Scotty, and Uhura was. I’m not saying they were really deep characters, but they had something...Travis could be played by any extra! His lines are interchangeable with any other castmember, and he has no character whatsoever.

This episode should have changed that, but despite being almost entirely focused on him, it still felt in the end like he had no character to explore. He was a cardboard cutout, put on the bridge to deliver the occasional line and drive the ship. This episode didn’t add anything to his character, and it just felt like everyone involved just slept through this one.

Shame, they had a chance to finally do something new with Travis, hell do anything at all! But they squandered that chance and kept the character as dull and uninteresting as possible.

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