Phlox Treats a Racist

Story: The Breach
Written By: Chris Black & John Shiban
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2003

Denobulans ask Enterprise to rescue three of their geologists off of a planet which has declared all off-worlders leave with in 72 hours. Tucker, Reed, and Travis go down to the planet to retrieve them, while Enterprise helps a ship that was crashing onto the planet (or something). One of the wounded happens to be the former bitter enemy of the Denobulans who sees Phlox as a war criminal.
It is sort of an episode that tries to be an allegory on racism. It is pretty standard fare for that subject matter. I’ve seen the Trek story about two races that hate each other and learning to move forward before.

Nothing new here at all, I’m not asking for groundbreaking episodes, I’d just like solid stories that don’t feel stale.

NEXT TIME: Vissians