Story: Cold Front
Written By: Stephen Beck & Tim Finch
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2001

The Temporal Cold War irritates me. It irritated me from the pilot when Archer says something that sums up my irritation with it’s involvement in the series. He essentially says that history is being screwed around with and manipulating his mission. To me...this flagrant time travel timeline fuck-ups discounts Enterprise (at least the seasons or episodes involved in this supposed war) out of canon. They can’t be right, time travel screwed em up. I guess UPN wanted the show to be more futuristic, but instead of taking that note and showing that the show is plenty futuristic without needing some silly 29th time travel nonsense...Berman and Braga thought they’d be clever and make the Temporal Cold War.
I get the sense that they thought it was a good idea at the time, but they quickly lost interest and it became this burden to make episodes about it. Cold Front is the first real episode to focus on the Temporal Cold War since the pilot, and it introduces the character of Daniels, who poses as a crewman but is really some futuristic time agent.

I didn’t much care for this episode. I just find the Temporal Cold War business to ruin the whole premise of this show. It should have been a show about conflicts with previously established Federation members and showcase how people can overcome the challenges of working together, in favor of lame action stunts and phaser fights with bad plots and silly things like this Temporal Whatsit.

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