Story: Dead Stop
Written By: Mike Sussman & Phyllis Strong
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2002

Still reeling from the minefield explosion that severely damaged the ship in the previous episode, Enterprise won’t be able to get back to Jupiter Station for repairs for 10 years, based on their present location and how fast they can travel. So Archer decides it’s Enterprise’s turn to put out a general distress call. The call is answered by some unseen Tellarites who give them coordinates to a repair station.
The repair station seems too good to be true, able to fix everything wrong with the ship in less than two days, it even has a recreation area for the crew during the repairs, has replicators for food and even heal Malcolm’s leg wound! All for just 200 liters of warp plasma.

But Archer suspects something fishy in the air. Especially after Travis dies during the repairs. Of course he isn’t really dead, the repair station stole him and replaced him with a dead duplicate. Oh no! They’ve stolen our most valuable member! Extra who flies the ship!

They of course retrieve Travis and destroy the station after delivering their warp plasma...and escape after the station, which was obviously “killing” several people from ships it repaired and storing the real bodies for some reason. They only seem to save Travis though, kind of weird. Huzzah for our heroes. I did like the final moments with the station repairing itself.

Decent episode, but sometimes I kind of want to see the heroes proven wrong. They always get hunches out of nowhere and are always proven right. Wouldn’t be nice if they were thinking the worst but got the best, and actually learn to trust other species and things in order to not feel like such a xenophobic show?

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