Phlox On His Own

Story: Doctor's Orders
Written By: Chris Black
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2004

In order to travel through some kind of space everyone but the Doctor must be put into an extended period of sleep. For those of you keeping score, this is just a rewrite of Voyager’s “One” in which Seven had to deal with the same issue. I’d say that both are okay episodes...but why would the Enterprise Team remake a story they only made a few years prior. Especially when they claim that this Xindi thing had enough story to fill an entire season (it didn’t by the way).
It is just a pointless diversion to kill time while the writers try and figure out more ways to stall the Xindi conclusion to the finale, and since they skipped over great plans like using the Romulans for the main villain, or bringing in the Orions as major players in the Expanse, or keeping Shran and the Andorians around for help during this Xindi conflict (and quite frankly lay more groundwork for the eventual founding of the Federation and a much bigger Starfleet)...they had to resort to rewriting old scripts just to have filler episodes like this.

Sadly...despite all my bitching about this season and the episodes really was much better than the two previous seasons. It just goes to show you how bad this show was when THIS was a step up.

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