The Effects of Time Travel

Story: Shockwave
Written By: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2002

Up to this point, this was the culmination of the whole “Temporal Cold War” thing. As I am not a big fan of that arc or idea at all, I find little to get excited about in this cliffhanging finale. I think the episode has enough action to sustain your interest…but as I think the time travel meltdown stuff is clearly going to be to easily solved in the follow-up, it was tough for me to get excited about the cliffhanger.
So if you are like me, and you think Daniels is one of the dullest and most uninteresting of characters, and the Suliban are silly and just as uninteresting, and the Temporal Cold War is pointless and inane…you will no doubt agree that this episode is nothing to get to excited about.

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