Story: Detained
Written By: Mike Sussman & Phyllis Strong
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2002

The biggest selling point to “Detained” is that it reunited Scott Bakula with his former co-star from "Quantum Leap", Dean Stockwell. That is pretty cool...because Dean Stockwell is a great actor (he was also good and hilarious in "Battlestar Galactica").
So Archer and Travis (woah Travis is still in the cast?) end up in this prison run by Al Calavicci, who consults Ziggy and tells Sam that he needs to fix what once went wrong, and make this new Trek series much better. Unfortunately Sam is affected by his “Swiss Cheese” memory and can't figure out how to fix the script and by the end of the episode he once again Leaps back into Archer.

This episode works best when it has scenes between the former co-stars. Grat is cool enough. But the episode also features the Suliban in this prison, and they suck something awful. But it does teach Travis to not judge to quickly, sure their dealings with the Suliban have been major a pain in the ass thus far, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be treated right, and shouldn’t be wrongfully imprisoned.

Beyond how neat it is to see Stockwell and Bakula back together again...this episode still has trouble fighting the "Enterprise" disease.  It might have been better if we got more interaction between the former co-stars.  Certainly not awful, but it isn't going to go (once again) beyond average.

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