Story: Similitude
Written By: Manny Coto
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2003

Trip is critically injured and in order to save his life Phlox like grows a clone or something. This then becomes a sort of debate about whether or not the clone should live because he is sentient...but grown purely to die to save Trip. As far the arc goes, this feels rather off topic. I mean trip wasn’t even injured for some war-arc kind of thing...he was running Engine tests!
It was around this point in the season that the whole season long arc thing fell apart, and the series fell right back into it’s “going nowhere” feeling. I mean what does this all do for the storyline of the Xindi? It became quite clear that the writers didn’t have a whole season worth of stories for the Xindi, and so they lost track of that and just made average episodes to stall for time.

I don’t think this was an awful episode really...but it certainly didn’t matter in the long run. It is sadly part of the evidence that this show’s creative team wasn’t ready for this kind of storytelling. I still contend that had the war arc been focused on the Romulans (and used a Romulan War Council instead of the Xindi “Several Species” Council) that the arc would have had more legs.

Again, not the worst episode in the canon, but it ultimately doesn’t feel too satisfying.