The First Trip to Risa

Story: Two Days and Two Nights
Written By: Chris Black
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2002

Risa was/is/always will be a gross planet. Ira Stephen Behr created it…a writer I usually love for his contributions to DS9…but in trying to showcase sex in the future he failed miserably. The idea that a planet is out there in which everyone goes off to bang is simultaneously sad and creepy.
So how is this episode? Compared to the average Risa episode it is actually not horrendous. It is still average and I have little interest in seeing it again, but it is just a regular Enterprise episode…average to mediocre at best.

Risa is a bad creation, this episode doesn’t really help it, but it certainly didn’t do any more damage that “Let He Who is Without Sin...” didn’t already do.

NEXT TIME: Return of Daniels