Story: Stratagem
Written By: Michael Sussman
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2004

The biggest issue with this Xindi arc is that it is “plot” over “character”, and as such it loses a lot of its suspense. In a prequel your plot is hindered by parameters. When everyone knows the end result, it can take the punch out of certain things. I was never worried Earth would be destroyed...because I know that it is there in the future. What is interesting in a Star Trek prequel is making first contact with familiar races, seeing the beginnings of a Fleet, seeing the origins of several Trek things like people, races, Starfleet, and stuff like Phasers and the Transporter and other things like that.
So yet again we get an episode that tries to trick the audience into thinking we are in some kind of future where everything went wrong. Of course it turns out this is all a trick by Archer and Co. to get Degra, a mastermind of the Xindi weapon, to reveal it’s location.

I just don’t care at this point. The whole Xindi thing feels misguided. The Xindi are uninteresting, the plot is okay I guess, but the execution is far from entertaining or even thought provoking.

NEXT TIME: Tucker and T’Pol Bang