Death of Forrest

Story: The Forge
Written By: Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2004

The Vulcans have been dicks for the bulk of Enterprise. They are not really the logical beings they have always been...they somehow seem more irritable and bitchy about Humans than they should be. Finding the Humans impulsiveness and emotional nature. Acting like illogical assholes when it comes to the Andorians, They often showcase more emotion than they should. This Vulcan Trilogy attempts to reconcile that. It is actually the best min-arc of the season. Most of the stories fell flat at some point, but this one somehow held my interest and kept me fascinated from it’s first episode right up to the end of the third.
So the first episode features a bombing of the Earth Embassy on Vulcan, which killed Admiral Forrest as he saved Soval. I really liked that the show took a risk in killing a character who has been recurring since the beginning. Right before his death he had a great conversation with Soval that in some ways explains the behavior of the Vulcans towards humans...they’ve achieved in 100 years what it took the Vulcans to achieve over 1500 years. I liked that scene, and I thought it worked well.

Vulcans open an investigation at first blaming the Andorians but very soon that is disproven when Vulcan DNA is found on a bomb. The finger is pointed at a fringe group of Vulcans called Syrranites, who follow what is perceived to be a corrupt interpretation of Surak’s teachings. When T’Pol learns her mother is a member of this group, she and Archer venture down to the planet to find answers.

The are forced to struggle through firestorms and sehlats (their first live action appearance) to find their way to the Syrranites, while Enterprise discovers evidence that the bombing may be a conspiracy to frame the Syrranites. It also has Archer being given the Katra of Surak, which will play heavily into the next two episodes.

It is definite fanwank material, but enjoyable fanwank material.