Story: Silent Enemy
Written By: André Bormanis
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2001

While Enterprise deals with a mysterious alien ship, Archer and Hoshi attempt to discover what Malcolm’s favorite food is in order to surprise him on his birthday. Malcolm’s parents apparently know their son just about as much as the crew or the audience does. He is a mystery man! So Hoshi is put on this mission. It isn’t nearly as fun as it should’ve been.
The mysterious alien arrives twice, the first time leaves without saying anything, and then a second time when it says nothing and attacks. Malcolm and Trip take it upon themselves to install phase cannons on Enterprise before they arrive at Jupiter Station.
I don’t know this episode is sort of a mess in terms of plot and pacing, and it’s tone is all over the place, with it’s mysterious and scary villains to it’s lighthearted jokey b-plot. It just doesn’t flow well. I liked the mysterious alien thing, but it wasn’t terribly successful in the end.

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