Years Later

Story: Twilight
Written By: Michael Sussman
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2003

This episode is similar to Voyager’s “Timeless” in that it features a future that never happens and remains mostly pointless when you think about it. But it is also sort of similar to DS9’s “The Visitor” in that some elements of the episode feels rather poignant. But again everything gets negated and I just never really care for that (even in the oft-praised “The Visitor”).
Essentially Archer is having memory problems and he keeps waking up later than he can last remember and things keep drastically changing. Earth gets destroyed, he ends up living with T’Pol who is taking care of him in his rare disease thingy.

It isn’t terribly interesting for the long run, but it has it’s moments as an episode I guess. It is a shame that season couldn’t keep a good arc going, and fell into pointless episodes that bared little impact on the future of the season’s arc.

NEXT TIME: A Western Episode