Story: Precious Cargo
Written By: David A. Goodman
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2002

Enterprise rescues some aliens, and they have some weird package, which Trip accidentally opens to find a bitchy irritating princess or queen or something. It isn't all that interesting a premise, and the princess character is just so painful to sit through that the whole episode really does feel like a torture session.
It also feels rather pointless in the long run...but then again, so does the bulk of Enterprise. What is the point of this episode? What is the point of a series that is meant to be a prequel constantly avoiding the subject of acting like a prequel to anything? It took until Season 4 until this show even really began to address it’s own premise.

One of the worst episodes of the series, which is really saying something. I personally found this one to be excruciatingly aggravating. Ugh.

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