Star Trek: Enterprise - Season 2 Recap

I’m not sure which is worse, the first or the second season. My money is on the second though. The first season is the rocky finding-its-feet season. TNG and DS9 both had it. Sadly this one still didn’t find its feet by the end of the second, and quite frankly still spends the bulk of the following season milling around as well.

Enterprise’s second season is a tiresome barrage of Archer getting caught and escaping from jail, and other tired old Star Trek clichés that just don’t work as well as they once did. The engine is shot, and the show can’t achieve warp anymore.

Season One may have struggled, but at least there were a couple half way decent episodes in there, this season has almost none at all. It is not a good sign when by the end of the second season you’ve already returned to the well for both Ferengi and Borg…

One nice thing…unlike the first season’s cliffhanger, I was actually somewhat more interested to see where the Xindi thing was gonna go at the end of this season, I could’ve cared less about the Temporal Cold War thing at the end of season one.

NEXT TIME: War in the Expanse