Xindi Showdown

Story: Zero Hour
Written By: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2004

The big dumb summer blockbuster finale is pretty low on plot, since Berman, Braga, and everyone else shot their wad on this storyline in the previous episode, but it is a definitely entertaining action packed finale. It wraps up the Xindi arc nicely, and manages to stop the weapon from destroying the Earth. So success. End of war, end of this season, end of plot.
And then WHAT...a cliffhanger that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever happens. Somehow Enterprise gets hurled back in time to World War II...a shuttlepod and Enterprise are attacked by fighter planes...and Archer is in some army hospital...and the Nazi ALIEN!?

Terrible final moments to what was a simple minded, but definitely well directed action conclusion to the whole season long arc. Why they decided they needed some kind of goofy cliffhanger I have no idea, but they threw it in and, as evidenced by the first two episodes of the following season, had no plan at all how to conclude it. It was a gimmick to get people to stick around, and sadly they stretched that gimmicky cliffhanger into two whole episodes.

On the whole a pleasant fast paced end to this hit or miss season, but that ending left me really cold.

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