Back to Earth

Story: Home
Written By: Michael Sussman
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2004

“Home” is where the fourth season really begins. The show is now being headed up by Manny Coto, who seems to have a better grasp for what Enterprise should be than Berman and Braga ever did. This episode essentially acts as a better epilogue to the Xindi arc than the previous two episodes starting this season actually did.
Basically our characters go home, and have to deal with either their own personal conflicts about what happened during the war (Archer), return to Vulcan to deal with their personal demons (T’Pol and Tucker), or deal with the newfound fear of alien life on Earth (everyone else). It is noteworthy to point out that T’Pol does in fact marry Koss in this episode, and this obviously will cause a strain on her relationship with Tucker during this season.

It is a solid episode that wraps up certain elements from the Xindi arc, and allows the show to move forward past the Temporal Cold War, the Xindi War, and set up the show for the new direction, which is the really the beginning of Starfleet (the NX-02 is debuted), and the eventual founding the federation (which the damn show should have been doing since day one).

So new season, new direction.

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