Dr. Arik Soong

Story: Borderland
Written By: Ken LaZebnik
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2004

This season not only began to take a new approach to its overall arcs, but also its stories mostly comprise of two and three parters. The first of these is in the Augmented Humans story, featuring a guest star in Data himself, Brent Spiner.
The first episode is a solid set up episode, putting together the elements of a potential Klingon war, Dr. Arik Soong and his experiments with augmented humans, and his augments creating a problem.

I liked this episode; it has a lot going for it. Not only do we get a great performance from a Trek veteran, but also we have a decent story. It also is filled with some great TOS callbacks, things like Orion slave girls, and Tellarites, and Klingons, and the Eugenics wars…there is plenty going on, and it has a decent cliffhanger to boot.

NEXT TIME: Augmented Embryos