Xindi Eggs

Story: Hatchery
Written By: André Bormanis & Michael Sussman
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2004

Enterprise finds a crashed Xindi-Insectoid Ship. The whole crew is dead, but there is a hatchery on board, and if Enterprise doesn’t help, all these babies will die. Archer orders Trip to try and figure out a way to save him, in order to maybe prove to the Xindi that they aren’t as ruthless as they assume. This causes issues with some of the crew, as they can’t see the need to save these babies while the Xindi are planning to destroy them.
I think the issue with this season is that Archer is becoming a bit of a nut, he is constantly obsessed with something, whether it be just finding the Xindi or just saving these Xindi eggs...I mean he is ruthless in everything he puts his mind too...and he is starting to make Janeway look like an easygoing Captain. I totally would’ve been with Archer on this one, if he was being reasonable...or consistent. Instead of explaining his position to T’Pol, he confines her to quarters and instead of confining Trip to quarters, he explains his reasoning.

He acts as if his orders need to be followed AND understood, yet he never explains his orders to anyone, and they CONSTANTLY seem irrational. It kind of pisses me off. I liked the concept of this episode, but yet again (sing it with me) the execution didn’t entirely work. But I liked the mutiny stuff.

NEXT TIME: Attacking the Enterprise