Story: The Council
Written By: Manny Coto
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2004

It is at this point in the season that I come to the conclusion that the Xindi-Reptilians look exactly like the villain in “Galaxy Quest”. Of course Archer can get the more human like Xindi on his side, just the ones that look like monsters are against him! This show is racist.
Anyhow Archer most go to the Council and plead his case to them. And that is really all this episode is. Archer pleading his case, and the members of the council coming to their different conclusions following this meeting. The B-plot involves Tucker, Reed, Travis, T’Pol, and Red Shirt (I mean a MACO) investigate one of the spheres. Also Degra gets killed, which makes sense but is a shame since he just started to get interesting.

It is all well executed, and the episode is solid. I wish the Xindi arc had just been condensed, because the good episodes are all near the end of the season.

NEXT TIME: De-Arm the Superweapon