A.G. Robinson

Story: First Flight
Written By: John Shiban & Chris Black
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2003

When Archer learns that one of his friends (and sort of friendly rival) has died, he reflects on a memory of his relationship with this man. The story he tells is basically of earlier test flights in the NX program, in which he, Trip, and this man Robinson…where all involved in. It is actually a pretty good story, of how these guys worked there asses off to get their warp drive working properly despite the Vulcans being somewhat overbearing and putting down their efforts.
I think the writing is solid, and the acting is engaging. It helps that for the most part, our cast is primarily focusing on two of the better actors in the main cast (Bakula and Trinneer), and has a good guest casting in Keith Carradine. All in all this one is not too bad, and it gives us a little bit of backstory for this series in particular, and the struggles of making their ships work properly (Jesus THAT could have been solid new idea for a Trek prequel…).

Definitely one of the better stories, especially of this season.

NEXT TIME: Archer Captured