Story: Damage
Written By: Phyllis Strong
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2004

Enterprise deals with it’s battle damage and Archer is sent back to his ship by the Aquatic Xindi. It is a solid drama, and it is nice to actually see a ship effected by a battle, instead of being miraculously healed by the start of the next story. We also learn that T’Pol has become a drug addict, which explains her more emotional behavior in the past few episodes...she has been injecting herself with Trellium-D.
The Xindi Council stuff only just now is starting to become interesting as they have more cracks in their council than before. Some are starting to feel Archer is telling the truth while others are still following the weird lady from the other realm or whatever. Who is that lady?

Archer is feeling pretty conflicted about crossing lines he never wanted to, and his lingering feeling that this will continue as long as this conflict with the Xindi continues. He comes to the conclusion that he has to attack an innocent ship and steal their Warp Core. It is a bad course of action, and I completely disagree with Archer. But it is at least debated by the crew, his actions make sense given their position, and the crew at least struggles with his is a definite step up from the Voyager system of “Janeway is always right!”

NEXT TIME: A Memorial