Erasing the Temporal Cold War

Story: Storm Front, Part II

Written By: Manny Coto
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2004

The only good thing about this two-part opener of the final season of Enterprise is that it not only ends the Temporal Cold War, but it also seemingly casts that particular war out of the history entirely. Finally.
If you want my opinion, they should have just ended the Xindi arc at the end of Season 3, and began this season with the next episode: “Home”. This ill-conceived cliffhanger with its lackluster dragging two-part conclusion was a big waste of time. They never needed to close off the Temporal Cold War…they should have dropped it at the end of Season 1.

“Shockwave” really should have just been the end of it, and then everyone could have moved on, because if you look back on the series, Berman and Braga don’t seem particularly interested in keeping up with this bad plotline they shoehorned into the pilot. I think they new it was a mistake the moment the pilot wrapped shooting, but felt stuck with it, and continued on with it for no particular reason.

So there it is...the final end to the Temporal Cold War/Excuse to not properly explore the origins of the Trek Universe.

NEXT TIME: Epilogue of the Xindi Arc