Story: The Crossing
Written By: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2003

Enterprise is swallowed up by a big ship inhabited by non-corporeal lifeforms. They inhabit Tucker, and even though they allow him to return to his body and let the ship go...Archer still smells something fishy. Because they are an alien, and this show is fairly xenophobic in it’s first few seasons, much the way Voyager was. Tucker even enjoyed the experience and thought others should enjoy it.
But the Enterprise crew refuses to participate with this possession/mind switch game, so the non-corporeal beings decide to do it by force, because they aliens, and this show is fairly xenophobic in it’s first few seasons.

I hate that all aliens are hostile. This could have easily been a fascinating story about the crew experiencing this new form of life, while these non-corporeal beings experience having a bod for the first time in centuries (since they evolved beyond that). But no...they are some bad guys as always. Very anti-Trek.

Fuck both Berman and Braga for constantly pretending they were holding up the grand vision of Roddenberry (a grand vision I find to be bullshit anyhow) but constantly missing the point in the meantime. Beyond being a bad example of is also boring as hell.

NEXT TIME: Archer Convicted by the Klingons