Desolate Moon

Story: Dawn
Written By: John Shiban
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2003

Tucker gets attacked and his shuttle crashes on a planet, and he is forced to play “Enemy Mine” with the alien that attacked him, and hoping to be rescued before dawn when the planet will become uninhabitable. It is yet another premise that has been both done before, seems like it could be interesting, but still feels stale and worn out.
Trek, and Enterprise, needed a breath of fresh air, but the people behind it just weren’t getting the job done. It feels like well-worn territory all the time and as if there is really nowhere new to explore. But just from the few occasions the show hit the right marks in Season 4 I feel as if there was at least 6 years of material that was squandered in the first 3 years.

This is just another weak and fairly unmemorable episode in the pantheon of weak episodes Enterprise has to offer.

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