Story: Bounty
Written By: Hans Tobeason and Mike Sussman & Phyllis Strong
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2003

“Bounty” is a disappointing first appearance for the Tellarites on Enterprise. They’ve barely been seen beyond the background since their first appearance in “Journey to Babel”, and since they are supposed to be founding members of the Federation, it seems like having a true first contact with humans would be a good idea...especially since they are such an entertaining argumentative bunch.
But no, Humans meet their first Tellarite, who pretends to be pleasant long enough to kidnap he is YET AGAIN behind some kind of bars needing to escape for the bulk of the episode. The Tellarite is a bounty hunter looking to get the price put on Archer’s head since he escaped the Klingon penal colony at the end of “Judgement.” The only thing I can say for the episode is that it doesn’t make the Tellarite out to be a bad guy really, just doing his job for some scratch, he eventually does side with Archer, which sets the stage for Tellarites and Humans having a good working relationship.

I would’ve preferred a real first contact with Tellarites, show them to be the overbearing argumentative people they are and have Enterprise crew come to terms with that, learn to admire these people and learn they really aren’t bad guys...just sort of jerks, jerks they can be friends with! Sadly no one was bright enough to tell that tale.

Oh...and there is a b-plot of T’Pol having some kind of induced Pon Farr whic his there purely because the producers assumed the audience wanted some kind of sexy episode for their hot actress...but Pon Farr has so long been established to be for Vulcan males only. They try to get away with it by making it artificial...but it just felt like a forced excuse for a silly story that served no merit other than to have Blalock act sexy. Lame.

Weak episode all around.