Story: Awakening
Written By: André Bormanis
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2004

Even more so than the previous episode, this episode really begins to show signs that the people behind Enterprise acknowledge how different and strange the Vulcans are. They are pure dicks who do not seem to be as logical, unemotional, or peaceful as they have claimed to be throughout every episode.
The conspiracy continues with the high command, while Archer deals with Surak’s katra, T’Pol deals with her mother, and both meet the eventually famous T’Pau (who was originally featured in Amok Time). They all seek to find this artifact that has ties to Surak nd could hold the truth behind his teachings...and it is learned that V’Las plans to begin a war with Andoria...because he has the very high emotional anger that the Vulcans worked so long to repress.

I think this is a solid middle act to the trilogy. It has some strong performances, a lot of neat ideas, digs into the Vulcan mysticism, further develops how corrupt the High Command is, and actually does a good job with all of this material.

It is a well performed, well written, tightly paced episode that keeps your interest throughout. Why did Enterprise wait so long to get so good?

NEXT TIME: The Artifact