Stopping the Weapon

Story: Countdown
Written By: André Bormanis & Chris Black
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2004

With the weapon launched and Hoshi kidnapped to translate is time for the Countdown to the finale, can they rescue Hoshi? Of course they can. Can Enterprise stop the weapon in time? Well of course it can, we all know Earth is going to blow up. That is the issue with this arc, the threat is completely empty. Oh sure they throw all that Temporal Cold War/Timeline Fudging business in there to make you think it could get destroyed...but is that really a chance they are going to take? I think not.
The episode itself is solid. It is well paced penultimate episode that keeps you interested in the action and has a decent enough story to keep you wanting to stick around for the finale. Better late than never I guess...but this season really did take too long to get to the point.

NEXT TIME: End of the War