New Direction for Vulcan

Story: Kir'Shara
Written By: Mike Sussman
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2004

The final episode of the Vulcan Trilogy is a solid finish. It is quite possibly the only mini-arc of the season (hell the whole series) to be completely strong from start to finish. It’s plot is tight, and it brings in Shran...which is always awesome. Plus it sets the Vulcans on the path to becoming the calm cool collected Vulcans they were in TOS, while disbarring V’Las entirely, taking his position away and putting him under investigation for the bombing.
T’Pau is able to cure T’Pol’s neural disease that has plagued her for so long, as there being no cure was another lie from the High Command. So theres a nice end for her arc there. It is revealed (to the audience not to anyone on screen), that V’Las’ plans involved the Romulans, who he planned to give control of the Vulcans and the Andorians too once the war devastated both peoples. Plus Shran has some great character moments....and the High Command is dissolved...time for Humans to stand on their own. Awesome conclusion all around.

I really enjoyed these episodes, as they actually justified the uncharacteristic behavior of the Vulcans throughout the series and gave them a satisfying conclusion that set them on a better path for the start of the Federation. Solid Trilogy.

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