Story: Breaking the Ice
Written By: Maria Jacquemetton & Andre Jacquemetton
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2001

Despite some of the common flaws the series suffers from, this one is okay. It is average sci-fi at best, but it isn’t horrendous. Unfortunately, for most of it’s run…Enterprise lives off of mediocrity.
The plot has the Enterprise investigating the largest comet ever witnessed by Humans or Vulcans. There are tensions, however, as the crew feels that the nearby Vulcan ship is breathing down their neck…as if they are waiting for Enterprise to fail. It is a story about the two learning to cooperate better, to create a better working relationship. I don’t know if it accomplishes all that, as I feel like even though the episode manages to show them working together, their relationship is essentially the same following this episode.
I do think that the introduction of T’Pol’s arranged future husband was a nice touch, and the fact that she is already hoping to not follow the traditions is interesting. It adds something to the character, even if it does not pay off for a long while. It also began the relationship between her and Tucker. Again, this will not really begin to pay off for a while, but the spark of their mutual understanding which leads elsewhere later starts here.

The visual effects are actually tremendous, but they don’t save the show from weak scenes like building the snowman or answering the dumb questions kids sent them.

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