Interstellar Pirates

Story: Anomaly
Written By: Mike Sussman
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2003

Enterprise is hitting a series of seriously bad and odd anomalies in the expanse. They find another ship adrift, and find a dead crew with evidence of death by both no life support and phaser fire. Not long after Enterprise is boarded by pirates who steal several key items from Enterprise. Still stuck with no warp due to the anomalies...and lacking supplies, Enterprise is bound to be left for dead soon.
This episode furthers the dark path Archer will be on for the season, as he loses his first crewman and learns that surviving in the Expanse is going to mean making tough decisions...and not remaining completely civilized. It is an interesting arc for the character, even if it doesn’t feel too Trek-like.

Oddly, this episode was meant to feature the Orions and not this new alien known as “Osaarians”. There is no real reason for the change, but I think it really showcases how out of touch with what this show should be the producers really were. That would have been a step in the right direction for sure, and having the Orions involved for the remainder of the season would have been a definitely solid plan, but alas...

This episode is definitely pretty solid, and it feels original, which is odd as hell for Enterprise, which felt tired from its inception.

NEXT TIME: Primal Life-Forms