Earth First

Story: Terra Prime
Written By: Judith Reeves-Stevens & Garfield Reeves-Stevens and Manny Coto
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2005

Both parts of the Paxton story are fairly solid. I wouldn’t say either blows me away, but I enjoyed them, and found Weller to be quite good. They aren’t big action heavy episodes, but they are well written allegorical tales, in classic Trek fashion...and the backdrop for these allegories are stories about the founding of the Federation...this is really what Enterprise was meant to be from the get-go.
I think this episode does it’s best to tie up as many loose ends as it can, it closes up this particular story, and wraps up some other loose ends. The stories may feel rather bland at times, but at least it feels like Trek.

It is a shame that this is the last true episode of Enterprise, as the next episode is a poor finale for this particular series or cast. But at least they did their best to right the wrongs of previous seasons this final year.

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