Wild West of the Delphic Expanse

Story: North Star
Written By: David A. Goodman
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2003

You think anybody really wants a Western episode of Trek? “Spectre of the Gun” stunk something awful. “Fistful of Datas” is really not a good episode, although part of me kind of likes it. “North Star” is a dumb premise on top of being as terribly boring as Enterprise tended to be in the first two seasons. Essentially some Western town has been transplanted into the Expanse. Whatever.
The episode is dull, with a premise fairly hard to buy. And I can take premises that are a little wonky and can be hard to buy...but all you have to do is sell it. Enterprise had a hard time selling it. Example: “The Savage Curtain.” TOS starts an episode off with Abe Lincoln FLOATING IN SPACE...and yet it somehow sells it. It took a ridiculous premise and made it work.

“North Star” doesn’t sell it, it is just silly and dumb, and has only a little to do with the ongoing arc.

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