Nausicaan Pirates

Story: Fortunate Son
Written By: James Duff
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2001

This episode features Nausicaan Pirates attacking a ship of humans, Enterprise comes to aid, but they soon find that the crew of the Fortunate isn’t as on the up and up as they should be. They are holding a Nausicaan prisoner and plan to attack an asteroid where the pirates often go to chill or something. Enterprise has to talk them out of it.
Travis actually has a little extra to do in this episode, having grown up on a similar freighter as the Fortunate. That was a nice touch, even if his character never really gets much attention after this. He never got the chance to grow beyond the young ensign who grew up on a freighter.

The episode is okay, I wouldn’t say it is going to be terribly memorable or too much fun really, but it could have been less interesting I guess. Holy cow what a sad state of affairs you have when you are saying it could have been “less interesting”?

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