The Needs of the One

Story: Vox Sola
Written By: Fred Dekker
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2002

After a dreadful encounter with some aliens who storm off the ship, Enterprise is soon invaded by an unknown entity that begins to attack crew members and suck them up in some sort of web.
All action against the creature seems to fail, and only Hoshi has the talent to communicate with the creature and get it to stop, despite not doing so hot with the aliens that stormed off. She has to prove herself after screwing up. Standard little tale.

The Hoshi/T’Pol mini-feud thing felt a little forced and unnecessary, especially considering it came out of left field. No idea where that came from, I don’t recall them ever having any kind of contact before this, so why Hoshi feels T’Pol has been breathing down her neck I don’t know.

It is an okay episode with some solid character interactions before it hits with some decent horror/action stuff. I enjoyed it enough, I’m never terribly impressed with Enterprise episodes in the first few seasons, but sometimes I enjoy the episodes more than usual.

NEXT TIME: Vulcan Ambassador