Zombie Vulcans

Story: Impulse
Written By: Jonathan Fernandez
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2003

Enterprise an asteroid field in the Expanse with a Vulcan ship trapped inside. When they finally get on board the Vulcan ship, they find the Vulcans have become violent and zombified. Trapped on the ship, they have to figure a way out before it begins to take over T’Pol as well, who begins having symptoms fairly early on. As Horror-Science Fiction goes...this is pretty solid. It’s like a Romero movie fused with Alien. Not a bad combination.
Less satisfying is the Trip/Travis plot of trying to find more trellium in the asteroids. It is completely different tone-wise and feels jarring every time they jump to that B-plot. Not to mention it isn’t terribly interesting.

The horror stuff is pretty great, and I don’t even mind that it lacks any real attachment to the Xindi-arc beyond the search for Trellium to reinforce the hull of the ship (for survival in the Expanse). It was a solid action horror movie condensed into 45 minutes. I also liked that it left T'Pol clearly affected by this Trellium reaction, and it wasn't a quick fix for her.

NEXT TIME: Hoshi and the Telepath