Story: The Andorian Incident
Written By: Fred Dekker
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2001

Despite having a pretty generic hostage plot, this is really the first good episode of this series. It brings back the Andorians, and their reveal in the pre-credits teaser is kick ass. I like that it took a race that was totally neglected in the 24th Century Stories, but had been introduced on TOS as a long established race in the Federation, and reintroduced them for a new audience and fans alike.
But obviously what I really love about the Andorians in this episode, and in almost all of their appearances, is the actor playing the lead Andorian: Jeffrey Combs. How could I not love a new performance from Weyoun! (Let us reflect on how this is the third great recurring character brought to life by this actor in the Trek Franchise). I just love everything he touches. There are definitely some bad episodes with Andorians, but having Combs in the part always makes the episode have some bit of entertainment value. It also steps up Bakula’s game, as he spars well with Shran.

I think the episode did many things right, it brought in a new race of aliens that doesn’t contradict TOS, made the Vulcans have a bit of shadiness to them, and gives us plenty of interesting character developments...for our main cast, for the Vulcans, and gives us not only a race that desperately needs exploring in the Andorians, but gives us a main Andorian to focus on played by one of the best actors in all of Trek.

NEXT TIME: Learning to Work with Vulcans