Suicide Mission

Story: Azati Prime
Written By: Manny Coto
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2004

Getting to Azati Prime has been stalled for episodes, finally Enterprise arrives at this destination. They find the Super Weapon is near completion, and Archer decides he is going to risk his life and attack the Xindi weapon...and then Daniels shows up. Oh Crap...the Temporal Cold War. First off Daniel’s costume from the future is so fucking goofy and silly. It’s like the kind of alien sci-fi outfit you’d see in a B-movie from the 50s. Not to mention the whole idea that the future effects the past bothers me to no end. I can NEVER get behind this Cold War plot.
The episode itself is not bad, but it is all screwed up by this ridiculous timeline altering plot. I just can’t believe in it. Luckily the stuff that doesn’t focus on that crap is pretty decent. So this is a hit or miss one, plot wise I find it to be mostly a miss, but I think its pacing and some character moments make it an entertaining hit.

The final battle scene was also really well done, as you see Enterprise getting the shit kicked out of it and seemingly bound for destruction.

NEXT TIME: Battle Scars