Into the Delphic Expanse

Story: The Xindi
Written By: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2003

It has been six months since the Enterprise first entered the Expanse, and they’ve come no closer to finding the Xindi. Archer is getting a little testy about it too..he wants to find these guys, and he isn’t the same man he was prior to the attack. He has come to following the tips of questionable people in order to find them. We learn a lot about them in this episode, that they have several different branches of their species (like primate, reptilian, fish, insects). That is a sort of interesting and bizarre concept, and I don’t know if it ever really works, maybe in a another kind of show...that isn’t Trek.
Trip meanwhile has trouble sleeping ,struggling to deal with his sister’s death in the attack on Earth. Phlox suggests he go to T’Pol for some Vulcan therapy stuff that could help him sleep. Thus begins the arc of Trip and T’Pol, who would struggle with their feelings with each other for the remainder of the series. I thought Trip’s dream about his sister was really eerie and well done.

I think the episode is well done to a point, it did enough set up for what this season would be about and remained mostly entertaining in doing so. Unfortunately it yet again fell into the trap that season two so often did...Trip and Archer get trapped in jail and have to make a daring escape. And it was going so well! Oh well, it was decent for the most part, even if it’s last act felt overdone.

NEXT TIME: Spatial Anomalies