Story: The Shipment
Written By: Chris Black & Brent V. Friedman
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2003

Enterprise uses the information it has gathered so far to seek out a Xindi mining operation. Despite the whole Xindi-Arc thing being superior to the previous two seasons...I really don’t feel like the Xindi as a species (or several species) are all that interesting once we get to know them. Sure they have several different branches and offshoots...but that is where it all ends. I don’t think anyone really thought them out beyond that and the fact that they are building a Super Weapon.
So Archer and the Enterprise make plans to shut down this Kemocite operation in order to try and somehow affect the Super Weapon plan or something. Archer is like an irrational loon at times, he feels like one of those aliens you’d see on Trek that was all Gung Ho about war against some oppressor that Picard would have to get to chill out. Anyhow this episode is a big one for the Xindi arc, so if your into the whole Xindi-thing...then it is a definite must see.

The episode is okay, and it this point you still think this Xindi thing is going to go somewhere, but for a while after really doesn’t.

NEXT TIME: How it all Ended