Black Hole

Story: Singularity
Written By: Chris Black
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2002

As the Enterprise comes closer to a black hole, they each become increasingly obsessed with trivial matters. Trip becomes obsessed with fixing the Captain’s Chair after Archer requests him to do so (which was quite refreshing because I was constantly irked that he doesn’t know how to SIT like a human being, this explained why). Archer becomes obsessed with writing a biography of his father. Reed is obsessed with creating what essentially becomes the “Red Alert”. Phlox obsessed with performing medical procedures on Travis (cause fuck Travis!). Hoshi becomes obsessed with her cooking while filling in for Chef. Some of it is rather entertaining, but the crew is in grave danger as they get closer to the black hole.
Archer is helped by T’Pol in piloting the ship out of a debris field and the whole crew is saved! It is a somewhat simple fix, but I’ll give it a pass because the episode was at least entertaining on the whole. Much more than I can say on average for this show.